Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buy Something

At the gym I can't help watching
television commercials. Even without sound
they make everything seem flat
and meaningless and my legs
want to stop making circles, because
what is the point? It's like driving down the road
and seeing all the other people in
all the other cars. We think so many things
are important. But I can't love you,
not like I should. Not when cars slide along
like they're being pulled by the tabs
in the flat part of a pop-up book. Not
when everything breaks down
into red and green and blue and
all I know is I should buy something.



  1. there is a man who looks
    like me,
    on the screen of my neighbor's
    Flash, flash, quicker than i can see.

  2. i wanted to respond to this with a picture, but can't, so here's a link instead: